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Font Rotja Natural Park

The Font Roja Natural Park, between the municipalities of Alcoi and Ibi, is much loved by the residents of these two towns. It is a space where the vegetation is very well preserved observing the higher stages, such as the forest of holm oaks with Valencian oak with an important floral procession that accompanies it, with species such as the durillo, the genista and an important lianoid layer formed by ivy, and honeysuckle. In addition, we can find yews and maples. To this formidable and well preserved forest is added an eminently forest fauna, except for those located on the cliffs of the Sierra del Menejador such as the Bonelli's eagle that is already an emblem of the natural park. The mixed forest of holm oaks and quejigo serves as a refuge for numerous groups of forest fauna such as the wild cat, the wild boar, the badger, the marten and the weasel.

Contact Interpretation Center Parc Natural del Carrascal de la Font Roja Highway Font Roja s / n 03801 Alcoi (Alacant) Telephone: 965 33 76 20